Discover and Classify Sensitive Data With Lepide

Identify where your most sensitive data is across file shares and classify it to determine why it is sensitive and how best to secure it. Completely developed and supported in-house.


Thousands of companies all over the world use LepideAuditor to help prevent data breaches.

Data Discovery and Classification Software

The data discovery and classification software within LepideAuditor helps give you more context around your most sensitive data, so that you easily identify potential areas of exposure and apply the correct access controls. See how many of your files contain sensitive data, where they are distributed, what type of data you have and more.

Discover & Classify Data

Find out where sensitive data is and what makes it sensitive so that you can focus your security strategy on what matters most.

Improve Data Security

Once you have located and classified your data, you can ensure that access controls are correctly applied to improve security.

Meet Compliance Demands

Easily demonstrate to auditors that you are able to secure and protect your sensitive data, as per compliance requirements.


Discover Where Your Most Sensitive Data Is Located

If you want to make sure that PII, PHI, PCI, IP and other forms of sensitive data are secure, you need to know where they are first. With data being generated at exponential rates, it’s important you are able to keep track of where your most critical information is. With Lepide, you will be able to see which folders contain sensitive data in your organization right now, and at the point of creation.

Get an Overview of the Sensitive Data in Your Environment

Identify which of your files and folders have the highest concentration of sensitive data so that you can apply the correct access controls to them.

Remove False Positives for More Accurate Data Discovery

Built into Lepide Data Discovery and Classification is a mechanism to attach keywords and phrases to your data discovery to give the content you are searching for proximity-based context.

Ensure You Are Keeping Your Sensitive Data Secure

Once you have discovered where your sensitive data is located, you now need to take appropriate steps to ensure that the data is protected to help prevent a data breach or compliance fine. To do this, you will need some context surrounding the data discovery, so that you can apply the appropriate security controls to the data. LepideAuditor can help you do this in the following ways:

  • See Who Has Access to Your Sensitive Data After sensitive data has been discovered and classified, you can see exactly who has permissions to the files.
  • See What Users Are Doing With Your Data Analyze user behavior in relation to your most sensitive files to see if changes are being made that could affect security.
  • See If Your Sensitive Data Been Breached Easily spot whether permissions to your most sensitive data are excessive and whether a data breach has involved PII, PHI or other protected data.

Easily Meet Compliance Audits and Reduce the Risks of Costly Fines

Whether you are bound by the GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA or other compliance requirements, ensuring you have a solid data discovery and classification solution is a must. In order to prove to auditors that you are not in breach of compliance, you will need to understand the context behind your files and implement the correct security controls. Discovering and classifying data as it is created is the first step in ensuring compliance.

Demonstrate Compliance Readiness

If you are undergoing a GDPR audit, for example, you will be able to effectively demonstrate to auditors that you know where your sensitive data is, who has access to it and what users are doing with it.

Spot Potentially Damaging Data Breaches

If you have an effective data discovery and classification tool, you will be able to easily determine whether a breach involved your most sensitive data and react accordingly.

Want to Learn More About the Lepide Data Discovery and Classification Tool?

Learn more about how Lepide Data Discovery and Classification software helps organizations secure their data and meet compliance through detailed discovery, classification, tagging and risk analysis.

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Satisfy Current and New Compliance Demands

Ensure that you’re able to discover and classify data related to GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and more, with new compliance regulations being included all the time.

Demonstrate Effective Data Security Controls

You’ll be able to demonstrate to auditors that you know exactly where your sensitive data is, who has access to it and when changes are made to it.

Quickly Spot Potentially Severe Data Breaches

Analyze how much sensitive data has been involved in a security breach incident so that you can quickly notify affected parties and take further steps.

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