Use Active Directory self service to meet AD challenges

Umendra Singh
| Time 2 min read| Updated On - December 14, 2022

It is commonly observed that admin personnel of an organization often feel the overburden of requests that come from the users to change or reset their account settings. The administrators and helpdesk professionals are always loaded with the requests of updating profile information, resetting account password or unlocking a locked account. All these activities consume a bigger part of their time that greatly affects productivity of the helpdesk team. To resolve this problem, Active Directory Self Service comes into practice that provides users with permissions necessary to reset their account settings. When users get such permissions they don’t need to request administrators or helpdesk professionals for doing so.

Password Change: This feature allows the users to change their passwords on their own without requesting administrator. Also Active Directory self service system sends a notification to the users’ email-ids about the password expiry.

Password Reset: Self service password reset feature enables the users to reset their passwords by answering some simple security questions. When answers match to the previously stated answers the passwords are successfully reset.

Self-Service Account Unlock: When a user fails to login due to erroneous input of password or forgets to timely update the password, the account is blocked. Using self service tool the user can unlock the account again by providing answers to some preset security questions.

Self-Service Information Update: Users do not need to raise tickets to update their personal information within Active Directory. To prevent possible errors, administrators may block some fields from getting modified to ensure uniformity of data and relieve help desk from their routine duty of updating Active Directory database.

With the use of a third party self service password reset tool, the task of automatic updation becomes easy at the end user site. Lepide Software presents such an exceptional tool that gives the secured service to the users to do all necessary AD operations on their own. Lepide Active Directory Self Service is not only beneficial for end users but also benefit administrators to manage all AD tasks.

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