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Lepide Active Directory Manager is a cutting-edge solution over complex and branched out functionalities of built-in Windows administration tools. LADM functionalities are spread across two categories, viz., Active Directory Management and Active Directory Reporting. LADM serves as a centralized single platform to effectively manage network-wide organization units, computers, users, groups, shares etc.

Not just this, the software also provide solutions beyond typical Active Directory handling and lets you manage Domains, Services, Event Logs, Registry, Printers and much more. Apart from providing all the above mentioned capabilities, LADM also offers an easy and robust way to generate reports on various AD objects.

Feature Overview

Complete AD object management in native solutions takes toil due to spread out options and through various different built-in consoles. LADM helps to achieve the same tasks in a much easier branched out way and also from a single platform. It encompasses all facets of extensive domain management from a centralized panel to handle all day-to-day admin tasks related with Active Directory. Manage objects in domains as well as workgroups. Use it to effectively manage all Users, Computers/Servers, Groups, Organizational Units, and Schema management (Click on individual links to check all features and options).


Create, delete, disable or move mailboxes from one information store to another. Modify mailbox properties along with defining custom attributes for any user and set or remove permissions for selected mailbox. Check all mailbox properties at User level and ease out simple Exchange administration tasks. For detailed and enhanced Exchange Management, check our management Solutions for Exchange Server.


Simple but comprehensive management, saving time and resources is normally the prime objectives of having an AD manager around. Automatic task management serves to be true to all these needs. It lets you to schedule major tasks related with Users, Computers and Groups on Daily, Weekly, Monthly and on one time only basis. Modify account options; add remove users; move/delete Users, Groups and Computers; and more. It also generates a task log with status and allows emailing reports to the specified recipient. Just schedule and be rest assured that the needful will be done in time!


Apart from the branched out features of LADM, it also serves as a detailed AD reporter. With equally comprehensive report data, LADM helps to keep up a healthy AD state and keeps you aware of every activity within AD. It generates 100+ reports that cover Active Directory query, WMI query and AD reporting over Users, Password, Computers, OUS, GPOs and more without using complex scripts. View reports of all AD objects and apply filters and save reports in HTML, CSV, PDF, RTF and TXT formats.


Customized Reporting and Scheduling:

Apart from predefined reports, LADM instates complete control to the administrator to create customized reports. The software provides a 'Query Creator' to easily create custom queries on AD and save them for future references. Schedule Reports for various tasks such as Active Directory Clean Up, Network Security Review, Policy Management, etc. Schedule reports in advance and get timely updates through email to all added recipients.

Something more than simplified AD Manager

Lepide Active Directory Manager has some added advantages over in-built Microsoft tools:

  • With powerful object filtering facility of AD Manager module, the admin can glance through and manage All OUs and their sub OUs including Empty OUs, Recently modified OUs, Recently created OUs, User only OUs, Computer only OUs, GPO linked OUs and GPO blocked inheritance OUs. Extraordinary filtration ability of the software enables you to dig through the various levels of the directory and view their contents.
  • With AD Manager's Group Management, it is more convenient to create groups in root domain, any other domain, any OU, or in any container class object. With the help of available Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) planning mode of the software you can test existing Group Policy objects (GPOs) for all of the policy settings that can be applied.
  • With LADM you can view and edit all AD attributes of any object or attributes that are defined in schema.
  • Customizable AD Queries of Active Directory Manager enable the admin to define queries, edit existing queries for every object type. You can define requirement based queries to view Directory Attributes and Schema Attributes and view details regarding OUs, computers, Users and groups including global, local and universal groups.
  • Exchange Management functionality of AD management tool enables the admin to create mailbox in domain Exchange server, view all shell properties of any user mailbox and delete any user mailbox.
Manage Windows Active Directory not the tool

For medium or large organization it is not possible to walk shoulder to shoulder with the ever evolving technology; it may take some time to adapt the technological changes. Same thing happens with frequently upgrading Windows versions, as it is not possible to upgrade the tools that are being used for management of AD objects and attributes. Lepide Active Directory Manager provides support to all versions of Windows Servers right from Windows 2000 to the latest Windows 2008 R2, therefore, no need to dwell on the Active Directory management tool when Windows is upgraded.

Download Free Trial of Active Directory Manager

The ad manager software has been made available for a free evaluation of 30 days. During this period, the Active Directory reporting tool can be used for the flawless management of AD objects on both 32 bits and 64 bits Windows operating systems. The free evaluation version of AD Manager is fully functional except one limitation that is it does not allow saving or printing AD reports.

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Windows Networking Gold Award
I eventually decided to give the product a gold star because I truly believe that it has the potential to help administrators work more efficiently.
Brien M. Posey
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Windows Networking Gold Award
Lepide's offerings are designed to provide a single unified product for both functionality and accessibility. The company's strengths include the quality of its products and support and product affordability
Client Testimonials
I have found the Lepide Active Directory Manager software as a very important tool for my overall system management of multiple domains. It allows the system manager to get right

Terry Sanders [Pro2Serve USA]

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