Why Techies Need To Slow Down For Better Health

Umendra Singh by    Updated On - 06.17.2020   General

In the fast-paced frenzy world, who has the time to stop and look back? I do not, and I am pretty sure if you are like me then we have same echo of emotions! However, this fact that we, the people of 21st century, IT professionals and Wi-Fi crazy heads love to run and stay on our toes. This eventually creates health issues later in life. We want to think fast, create fast, implement fast and off course get the results super fast. This results in huge stress, hundreds of coffee or caffeine intake, alcohol intake to relax and added junk to survive through the quick and urgent meetings in a day. Most of the times, we do want to try harder, challenge ourselves, work at extreme timings to fulfill the goal but not always. Sometimes, you must slow down, breathe a little, take break to rejuvenate for a better health and come back to work with heart, mind and soul rejuvenated!

No one will come to you and tell you to slow down. However, there will be subtle signs from the body, environment and you will know. When you have been running in work with no rest and peace this is what happens to your body, have a look:

Short tempered: Do you get irritated at every blink of an eye or every time you don’t get what you desire? Emotional reactions are all over the place or your stress levels are very high? These common symptoms appear when body is tired and needs a break.

Bored: Do you now find no pleasure in doing something you always loved to do? No excitement and monotony in things you felt happy before could be the reason of your fast-paced life with no breaks.

Feeling tired most of the time: If you do not remember the last time, you woke up fresh in morning, ready to take on the world and excited, then it is time to slow down for a while. Look at your surroundings, spend time with your loved ones and do not run to win the rat race.

Feeling overwhelmed or out of control: At times, you feel everything is going out of control and you are overwhelmed with everything in a bad way off course. If constant thoughts of not belonging to the place or resisting the urge to work or put efforts bothers you then its times to hold on the horses.

Rather than going on with the injuries, pain mentally as well physically, you must listen to the body and act. Do not avoid any body signs that are affecting you in an appalling manner. If all this sounds familiar then you are on a dangerous road ahead. Slow down; or you might have to face consequences that will not only affect your mind, body and soul but your work arena as well. Similar to food, if you tend to bend your body too much for work, it will do only damage than doing any good. Work hard but slow down for better health to succeed in every phase!

Book a massage or a holiday with friends, realize it is time to mingle and find peace around. Give your immune system a break and pamper it to fight with various body ailments. Take time to relax and pause. Avoid multi tasking for a while and try concentrating on one thing at a time. May be, read a magazine, novel or watch TV.

Go out take a walk in nature and let it heal you from inside. Stop trying to manage everything and take a deep breath with things do not go your way. By practicing the ability to be in the moment, you will ease out the stress and pay heed to body signs. By daily investing a little to relax, rejuvenate and take time instead of running into chores, you will not only do well in work but also possess a healthy heart and body to feel proud of!

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