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Lepide Local User Management

Thousands of organizations trust Lepide to help them better manage their IT environment

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If you are looking for a free utility to quickly manage local user accounts, Lepide User Management software is the tool of choice. It makes it easy for administrators to manage user accounts within any Domain. It offers the simplest way to manage information about local user accounts. It also enables the administrator to reset local user passwords and enable or disable account status. As an administrator, you can even remotely use the software to perform desired tasks.

Key Features

Easily manage local user accounts within any domain.

Shows information regarding any user account in a particular network.

Allows easy password reset of local accounts.

Facilitates enabling and disabling of account status.

How to Use

  • Launch Lepide User Management upon installation
  • Browse ‘Computer Name’, enter the logon credentials in the corresponding text fields
  • Choose which user you want to manage and click ‘Reset Password’ button
  • Enter the new password in ‘Enter New Password’ column and click ‘OK’. Or Similarly, you can enable or disable any user account with ‘Enable’ and ‘Disable’ buttons


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