We had an ISMS audit compliance issue and we went for LepideAuditor for File Server.

Liby Mathew - Principal Systems Administrator

Path Solutions Successfully Completed their ISMS Audit Using LepideAuditor for File Server

Website - www.path-solutions.com

Industry – IT and Services

Location - Kuwait

Executive Overview

Path Solutions offers a large portfolio of products, services, software analysis, and expertise for Islamic Financial Institutions. The major business segments served by the company are Islamic Commercial Banking, Islamic Investment Banking and Fund Management, Islamic Retail Consumer Financing Companies, Investment Banking and Fund Management, and Consumer Financing Companies. Path Solutions boasts of having some of the world’s largest Islamic Banks as their customers thanks to their deep commitment and expertise in Islamic banking and Finance. The company aspires to be the most trusted and innovative provider of information technology and services for the financial industry with focus on Islamic financial services.

Path Solutions, guided by their commitment to excellence, high standards of business ethics, and zeal to uphold good reputation, always strive to stay compliant to industry regulations they operate in. This time around they had ISMS audit compliance ahead and wanted to acquire a File Server auditor solution to meet the compliance requirements.

Path Solutions store sensitive business data in their File Servers and they make every effort to stay compliant to regulatory standards of the industry they function in. They wanted to acquire an off-the-shelf, third-party File Server auditor solution which would help them in staying compliant to ISMS audit compliance.

How LepideAuditor for File Server solved their issue

Path Solutions started looking for third-party File Server auditor solutions and they downloaded a few of them. After trying the limited versions in their environment, they found LepideAuditor for File Server a perfect fit for their requirement. LepideAuditor for File Server is a complete File Server auditing tool with features like built in reports and real-time alerts, and it helped them to stay compliant to ISMS audit requirements.