Solutions for Exchange Server

Simple solutions to help with all aspects of Exchange migration, recovery and auditing

Exchange Server Solutions

We all rely so heavily on email today – it’s on our desktops, tablets, mobile phones and now even on our watches! Even if email is offline for just a few minutes, you just know it’s going to result in countless helpdesk calls from end users ‘desperately’ needing their emails. And the reality is, in the event of an Exchange outage trying to get an Exchange Server back up and running quickly is not always easy… unless you have Lepide of course. We have a number of different solutions to help with all aspects of Exchange recovery, migration, and auditing.

Exchange Server Modification Report

We give you instant insight into changes made to your Exchange servers

Our award winning LepideAuditor for Exchange server gives you detailed change auditing, monitoring and real time alerts. It offers countless reports to help with all manner of systems management, security and compliance audit tasks.

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Our Exchange Server health check feature

We help you monitor the health of your Exchange environment

Lepide Exchange Server HealthCheck is an integrated feature of our LepideAuditor solution. It provides a simple and powerful dashboard to help you keep track of important elements of your Exchange environment to ensure continuity and health. It provides continuous monitoring and real time alerting based on resource utilization, exchange server status, mailbox database size, EDB size monitoring and message ques.

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Recover and restore Exchange server

We help you restore, repair and recover your Exchange servers

For those troublesome Exchange servers that just won’t co-operate, Our Exchange Recovery Manager is the tool of choice. It allows you to restore, repair, recover and extract data to wherever you need it.

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LepideMigrator for Exchange dashboard

We simplify the process of Exchange and Office 365 migration

Our LepideMigrator for Exchange solution is the most comprehensive way of carrying out Exchange and Office 365 migrations. It makes light work of migrating permissions, profiles, Public Folders, mailboxes and more.

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